Ha:sañ Preparatory & Leadership School is designed to serve as an academically  rigorous, bicultural, and community-based high school dedicated to increase achievement for below grade level Native youth. By infusing all aspects of the educational experience with elements of Tohono O’odham language, traditions, and Native history, the school nurtures individual students, helping them become strong and responsible contributors to their communities.
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  • Bell Schedule 2017-2018

    This year Ha:ṣañ has modified its bell schedule.
    The regular class schedule is as follows:

    1st Period 8:50am-9:45am
    2nd Period 9:48am-10:42am
    3rd Period 10:46am-11:51pm
    4th Period 12:21pm-1:16pm
    5th Period 1:19pm-2:14pm
    6th Period 2:17pm-3:12pm

  • Focus School Information

    Dear Parent/Legal Guardian:

    In July 2012, Arizona was granted a Flexibility Request under the provisions of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA), formerly known as No Child Left Behind, which allows Arizona flexibility in designing and implementing a school accountability system.
    The purpose of the Flexibility Request is to improve educational opportunities for all children attending a Title I school.

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  • Impact AidForms

    Impact Aid forms have been sent out, please complete both sides of the form and return to Ha:ṣañ as soon as possible.

  • Ha:ṣañ SportsForms

    To participate in sports the following forms need to be filled out and returned to Ha:ṣañ

    Click Here to view sports forms

Student Handbook & Records Requests

Click Here to download the Ha:san 2019-2020 Student Handbook

Please contact the Registrar for any Student Records Requests at

Jennifer Honahni  -  jhonahni@hasanprep.org


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School Calendar

Teacher Pay Increases

FY17 Total Teacher Salary: $345,146
FY17 Average Teacher Salary: $35,399.68
FY18 Total Teacher Salary: $345,796.00
FY18 Average Teacher Salary: $36,399.58
FY18 Average Teacher Salary Gross Increase: $999.90
FY18 Average Teacher Salary % Increase: 2.8%
FY19 Total Teacher Salary: $380,375
FY19 Average Teacher Pay: $40,039.47
FY19 Average Teacher Gross Increase: $3,639.89 
FY19 Average Teacher % Increase: 10%

Contact Us

1333 E 10th St.
Tucson AZ 85719
United States

Phone (520) 882-8826
Phone 1-888-84HASAN
Fax (520) 882-8651

Who We Are

A bicultural public high school designed for Tohono O'odham youth and Native students interested in a college prep curriculum sponsored through the Arizona State Board for Charter Schools

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