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You can enroll your student(s) by visiting us at 1333 E. 10th Street (NW corner of 10th and Highland Ave.)

When you enroll your student, please bring these important documents with you:

1. Transcripts from former school or 8th grade diploma or certificate of promotion

2. Student’s birth/baptismal certificate

3. Student’s social security number

4. Student’s tribal enrollment card/census number

5. Current Immunization records verified by health official

6. I.H.S. number or private insurance coverage information

7. Name and phone numbers for us to contact in case of student emergency

Applications are available at most district offices, education departments, recreation centers and at Ha:san School. Completed applications must be brought into Ha:san. Once applications are completed a school tour must be scheduled.


Enrollment application
(download application)


Waiting lists will be in effect once class size meets full enrollment status.

For additional information please contact us at:

(520) 882-8826 or 1-888-84-HASAN (42726).


Interested in playing sports, a physical is required to participate.

Download Ha:ṣañ's sports participation forms here.

Sports Forms


Sports Forms

To participate in sports the following forms need to be filled out and returned to Ha:ṣañ


Click Here to view sports forms


Contact Us

1333 E 10th St.
Tucson AZ 85719
United States

Phone (520) 882-8826
Phone 1-888-84HASAN
Fax (520) 882-8651

Who We Are

A bicultural public high school designed for Tohono O'odham youth and Native students interested in a college prep curriculum sponsored through the Arizona State Board for Charter Schools

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