Support Staff

Eunice Liston Receptionist
Melanie Lopez SPED Assistant
Maegan Lopez SPED Assistant
Clint Burnside Bus Driver/Transportation Supervisor
Florence Begay Bus Driver
Francesca Lopez Bus Driver
Jonie Perkins Food Services Coordinator
Vanessa Saraficio Facilities Management
Justin Myers Technology Coordinator



Lois ListonTraditional Arts, Language Arts, O'odham Language Teacher
Delphine Saraficio Traditional Arts, Language Arts, O'odham Language Teacher
Pete Whittemore Social Studies Teacher
Koletta Saddleback-Burnside Arts, Theater Arts Teacher and 21st CCLC Coordinator
Alan Gilley Language Arts/ College Prep Teacher
Johnathan M. Siquieros Math and Economics Teacher
Simon Escalada-Mastick Math Teacher
Clint Burnside Health Science Teacher
Jessica Estrada Lead SPED Teacher
Carleen De Armon Language Arts Teacher
Walid Boukarroum Math Teacher


James Merino Director
Donna Prezelski Administrative Assistant
Jacob Pawson DFO
Jennifer Honahni Student Services Coordinator/Registrar
Jay Lesley Student Relations 

Sports Forms

To participate in sports the following forms need to be filled out and returned to Ha:ṣañ


Click Here to view sports forms


Contact Us

1333 E 10th St.
Tucson AZ 85719
United States

Phone (520) 882-8826
Phone 1-888-84HASAN
Fax (520) 882-8651

Who We Are

A bicultural public high school designed for Tohono O'odham youth and Native students interested in a college prep curriculum sponsored through the Arizona State Board for Charter Schools

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