Fine Arts

Fine Arts

We will be studying basic elements of art to help those of you who may have had little exposure to art making, and will also provide a better foundation of those who already have a talent for creating art. First quarter, class will begin by experimenting with different kinds of art mediums. Second quarter, will be spent on specific art forms and methods favored by students. Third quarter will be analyzing various contemporary artists in Tucson, field trips to different art museums and acrylic paintings. Fourth quarter will focus on individual student art projects to be displayed in a final art show here at Ha:san.

Drama (Theatrical Art)

To give the student an increased appreciation and experience in theater as an art form. The student will act, direct, and/or be technically involved in scenes, one-act plays or full-length production. The student will read, write and evaluate plays as well as view and critique electronic and live performances. History, culture and technology will be examined, and career opportunities will be explored. Through creating theater, students will grow in their ability to comprehend the world and to communicate with others effectively.

Traditional Singing

Traditional Arts



Graduation Requirements

  • Students must have 22 units to graduate, including the following:
  • Electives/Interdisciplinary - 5 units
  • English - 4 units
  • Foreign Language - 2 units
  • Fine Arts - 1 unit
  • Laboratory Sciences - 3 units
  • Math - 4 units
  • Social Studies - 3 units

Special grading code

  • P = Passing
  • NC = No Credit
  • INC = Incomplete
  • NG = No Grade
  • M = Modified
  • H = Honors (elevated by a grade point)

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