Social Studies

Arizona/O’odham History

We study the many nations and cultures that make up Arizona today, with a focus on recent O’odham history. State and tribal governments and tribal sovereignty are covered. Students will read articles and textbook chapters, discuss with classmates, use maps, analyze photographs and art, examine primary sources (including the Tohono O’odham Constitution and laws), and research and write an essay in class. Students will use the disciplines of archaeology, geography, economics and government to get a better understanding of Arizona and O’odham history from varied points of view.

United States History

The legacy of British colonialism is covered as we study the culture and responses of various Native nations. The textbook A People’s History of the United States is used throughout the year as a launching point from which to study different events. Primary sources such as laws, treaties, journal enteries, photos and videos will be studied, allowing students to develop their skills as historians and critics. The themes of change and activism are explored, culminating in a major writing project, where students research an activist from the 19th century and write from their point of view. The course ends with a study of United States government and current events.

World History

The history of world is studied through the lens of colonialism, focusing on its meaning and process and the responses of indigenous peoples around the world. Geography and economics are emphasized in order to develop a deeper understanding of the world today. The histories of Europe, Latin America, Africa and the Middle East are central to the class. Finally WWII and the 20th century are studied in depth, with the class ending with a problem solving and planning project focused on a current issue.

Graduation Requirements

  • Students must have 22 units to graduate, including the following:
  • Electives/Interdisciplinary - 5 units
  • English - 4 units
  • Foreign Language - 2 units
  • Fine Arts - 1 unit
  • Laboratory Sciences - 3 units
  • Math - 4 units
  • Social Studies - 3 units

Special grading code

  • P = Passing
  • NC = No Credit
  • INC = Incomplete
  • NG = No Grade
  • M = Modified
  • H = Honors (elevated by a grade point)

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