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Sport Fishing Field Trip

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Arizona Game and Fish Department will be visiting Ha:san science classes on campus on Wednesday November 4th at 1:00 PM to teach students about Arizona native fish conservation and provide information about recreational fishing in and around Tucson.

Thursday November 5th from 9:00 AM to 12:30 PM, 50 Ha:san students along with teacher chaperones will drive out to Christopher Columbus Park on Silverbell Road to spend the morning fishing in Silverbell Lake.  

We would really really like to invite parents and relatives of our students who would be interested in attending the presentation and field trip for this fun and informative event.  Please visit the following website to learn more about the program and please contact the school if you would like to help chaperone the field trip.

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Lee Borzick

Phone: (520) 882-8826 ext. 220



Position(s):                          Degree(s):

Biology Teacher                   University of Arizona - 2010 

Pre-Algebra Teacher             Master's of Education in Teaching and Teacher Education

Athletic Director                   Secondary Biology

                                           University of Arizona - 2006 

                                           Bachelor of Science in Natural Resource Management

                                           Widlife and Fisheries Science     

Lee Borzick grew up in the Upper Peninsula of northern Michigan until the age of 16 before moving south to Flagstaff, AZ.  After earning my diploma at Flagstaff High School and spending one year at Northern Arizona University, I moved further south to Tucson, AZ where I earned my B.S. in Natural Resource Management with an emphasis on Wildlife Science.
After numerous wildlife field survey positions that spanned the distance of northern California to southern Georgia, I returned to Tucson to earn my M. Ed. at the University of Arizona.  Continuing on in the field of wildlife conservation I worked for a local organization committed to preserving populations of native amphibian and reptile species in southern Arizona.  All of this has led to my first year teaching biology and pre-algebra at Ha:san where I am tremendously enthusiastic about sharing my experiences with the students and using the teaching skills that I've acquired.

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